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Founded in 2015, Outrider Camps is my visionary platform for people to share stories, experiences and traditional knowledge across the fire-side and on-the-trail. Each of us has the responsibility to the Earth we live on and the privilege to enjoy its bounty and wonder. For adventure and education, We Ride Out. 

Here are some definitions to help you figure out what we are all about:

Outrider: a mounted escort, person who goes in advance to protect, a foreunner, harbinger /ˈaʊtˌraɪdə/ 

Outriders Camp: Outdoor educational and exploration program wherein Participants develops peripheral awareness, and traditional skills

Outrider Camps: small business which offers a variety of educational services\

Mission Statement:  We study and value individual perspectives, traditional knowledge and functions, and both human and non-human beings through a guarded connection to the landscape. 

Outriders Code: Origins, Relationships, and Clout.