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Welcome to Outriders. We run fun Camps for Kids ages 6-14. Sign up fop our Authentic  Outdoor Adventure Camps based in Eugene, Oregon. 

Who are we?  Outdoor educators & students who seek to better enjoy the great outdoors of Lane County & Oregon. We foster Environmental Awareness, Traditional Outdoor Living Skills & apocalyptic-level preparedness.

Where do we meet? Our Summer Camp drop-off & pick-up location is in front of the Gym of the Northwest Youth Corps. Day Campers arrive between 8:15-8:45am and are picked up between 3:30-4:00pm. 

What do we do?  Explore natural areas, train skills & play outside. All campers ride the chartered Outriders bus to these areas for true outdoor immersion experience.

How do we join? Check out Online Registration for Ages 6-15.

For More Info: Explore the tabs to the left or contact us.

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