Outriders Camp in Eugene, Oregon

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Our Staff: 

Outriders instructors are hired on the condition of being aware, responsible and motivated individuals.  We combine a sharp eye to environmental systems with a ye old campfire attitude & knowledge. As harbingers of a new adventurous mentality, we come from different walks of life to inspire and empower the youth in our program.

Kyle is the head administrator, visionary, Fishing instructor and program driver. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Globalization and Environmental Policy from the University of Oregon, a Class-B Commercial Driver’s License, a PADI OpenWater Dive Certification, and TEFL Certification. I pride myself in my spoken language ability in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese.

Alexander Holdaway is an excellent wood carver, tracker and ornithologist. He has a 10 year history in wilderness awareness, skills and outdoor education. Alex attended the Alderleaf Outdoor School and has held staff positions at Trackers Earth, Whole Earth Nature School, Oregon Outdoor School and the YMCA. He holds a level 2 Tracking-certification and is journeyman woodworker.

“Fat” Andy Howell is a seasoned wilderness skills instructor teaching throughout Oregon. He focuses on wilderness survival, primitive skills, homesteading, and natural building. Sharing skills with youth and adults comes naturally to Andy and he's regularly requested for his specialized knowledge in animal processing, fat rendering, food preservation, and primitive soap/candle making. His interests have taken him to beautiful natural places and foreign lands. His goal is to encourage self-reliance and sustainable-living through an understanding of traditional lifeways.

Henry Schmidt- We are very proud to have worked with young master Hank at Outriders between 2015-2017. He continues his education at the University of Oregon. Although he is currently pursuing his academic studies and personal goals, Hank has earned his place as an honorary member of our community.

Wayne Dillon- Having just moved to Eugene in an effort to reconnect to more simpler roots, Wayne is an invaluable source of funsies and trickery. seasonal basis teaching Blacksmithing and bladesmithing. Or, whatever he does, it usually involves Metal.

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See you in the Wilds!